Weekly Meeting

We meet every first Tuesday of each month at 1:30 to 3:00 pm  and all other Tuesdays  at 7:30 to 9:00 pm. Please feel free to join us! If you are a first-time visitor, kindly arrive at 7:00 pm for the evening meetings and 1:00 pm for the afternoon meeting. Our meeting location is Los Altos Lutheran Church, situated at 460 S. El Monte (at Cuesta), Los Altos. While we meet at a church, MPWWA is an independent, non-profit, non-sectarian organization. 

First Year Club

On the fourth Sunday of each month, we hold a special meeting for recently-joined members in their first year with the club. This gathering provides an opportunity for new members to get acquainted with each other. An experienced member facilitates a discussion followed by a potluck or dining at a local restaurant.

Annual picnic

Holiday parties

Summer picnics

Examples of Regular Social Activities

Always on Sunday: This conversational group meets on the second Sunday of each month at 2:30 pm. The host member's home serves as the venue, where thoughts, ideas, and experiences are shared around a chosen topic. The discussion is facilitated by a member, followed by a potluck dinner or a restaurant outing.

Book Club: Join us for monthly book discussions at various restaurants. We welcome book suggestions from all members to explore diverse genres.

Rancho San Antonio Walk: Start your Thursday mornings with a refreshing walk at 9:00 am on Cristo Rey Drive in Cupertino. We meet at the large lower parking lot near the restrooms, regardless of the weather.

Tuesday Brunch: Enjoy a delightful brunch at Holder's Cupertino Country Inn every Tuesday at 10:00 am.

Thursday Brunch: Join us for brunch every Thursday at 10:00 am at Effie’s in Campbell, CA.

Bowling: Embrace your competitive spirit at Homestead Bowl in Cupertino every Friday at 3:00 pm. Sign up early during our Tuesday Weekly Meeting to secure your spot on a team.

Weekly Walks/Brunch at Shoreline: On Saturdays, we meet at Shoreline Park, Mountain View, for energetic walks at 9:00 am and moderate walks at 10:00 am.

Following the walk, join us at 11:00 am for brunch at Michael's at Shoreline. No RSVP required—everyone is welcome.

Other activities include: Monthly Lunch, Bocce Ball, Samba Canasta, music, and guest speakers on various topics (e.g., What to do about scams?)