Frequently Asked Questions 

How Do I Join?

To join, new members are required to pay yearly dues of $75. Please present a death certificate for your deceased spouse for verification purposes. We do not keep a copy of the certificate.

How is This Group Different from Others?

Our group stands out as a local, in-person community that believes regular social activities are crucial for building connections and fostering support.

What Benefits Does Our Group Offer?

By connecting with our group, you can benefit from:

How Big is This Group?

Currently, we have approximately 120 -150 members, with around 30-50 members typically attending our General Meetings. Our members primarily reside on the San Francisco Peninsula, spanning from San Mateo through San Jose. 

Join us at Los Altos Lutheran Church for our General Meetings. Although we meet in a church social hall, MPWWA is an independent, non-profit, non-sectarian organization.